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- Laser Scanning
- Coordinate Measuring Machines
- Portable Measuring
- X-ray and CT Inspection
- Video & Microscope Measuring
- Large Volume Applications
- Motion Measurement and Robotics
- Software
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Programmable and user-friendly software platform puts the power of Nikon NEXIV vision systems at your fingertips.

Automeasure software is a complete package that includes interactive measurement and teaching wizards, CAD interface functionality, shape analysis capability and data management tools. The software also integrates with shape profile, 3D surface analysis, and sophisticated report generation programs.

Categories Imaging Software
Applications Cracks and Failure Analysis, Implants/Protheses, Surface Examination, Liquid Crystal Displays, Surface Analysis, Metallurgy, MEMS, Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Metal Manufacturing, Plastic Manufacturing