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- Laser Scanning
- Coordinate Measuring Machines
- Portable Measuring
- X-ray and CT Inspection
- Video & Microscope Measuring
- Large Volume Applications
- Motion Measurement and Robotics
- Software
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Focus Scan
Focus Scan offering fast, easy and accurate data capture for CMM laser scanning.
Focus Inspection
Focus Inspection offers feature and full part-to-CAD inspection starting from point cloud data or meshes from CMM-based scanners, handheld scanners or Computed Tomography (CT).
Focus Handheld
Focus Handheld is the driver software for Nikon Metrology laser scanner integrations on Optical CMMs and Articulated arms CMMs.
Nikon Metrology API
Nikon Metrology API enables scanner control and acquitision from with 3rd party point cloud software.
CMM-Manager for Windows is by far the most value-for-money tactile inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC and portable CMMs.
The Camio suite offers a range of products that satisfy the most challenging metrology requirements. Camio represents a perfect synergy of metrology knowledge and expertise embedded within powerful, performance focused software application, all developed by an...
XT Software Suite
The XT software suite combines Inspect-X and CT-Pro into a single suite of programs to enhance the speed and functionality of the Nikon Metrology XT range of X-ray microscopes and CT systems. This software builds on Nikon Metrology's track record of improving s...
Automeasure Software
Powerful and easy-to-use measuring and inspection software platform for Nikon NEXIV vision systems.
E-Max Software
Intuitive data processing software package for industrial microscope and profile projector systems.
NIS-Elements Microscope Imaging Software
Provides intuitive tools for image capture, analysis, archiving, and image sharing.
Focus Handheld
Focus Automation enables the user to automate repetitive scanning and inspection tasks in Focus Scan and Focus Inspection.