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- Coordinate Measuring Machines
- Portable Measuring
- X-ray and CT Inspection
- Video & Microscope Measuring
- Large Volume Applications
- Motion Measurement and Robotics
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K-Series Optical CMM supporting a variety of metrology applications

The portable K-Series Optical CMM system forms the core of different metrology solutions. As it faces no mechanical constraints , users can freely walk around and measure points or scan surfaces as desired. The metrology area activated by the Optical CMM fits an entire vehicle and can be easily expanded. The Optical CMM is also suitable for measuring dynamic motion and researching transient events. Its third use relates to industrial robots. By tracking robot movement in real time, Optical CMM technology drives increased positional accuracy for robotized inspection and manufacturing tasks.

Categories Optical CMM
Applications Increasing dynamic manufacturing quality, Assembly Plant Setup, 3rd Party Instrument Tracking, Full Vehicle Inspection, Aftermarkets