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- Laser Scanning
- Coordinate Measuring Machines
- Portable Measuring
- X-ray and CT Inspection
- Video & Microscope Measuring
- Large Volume Applications
- Motion Measurement and Robotics
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>제품 소개>Portable Measuring>MCA II 7-Axis
The ultimate handheld scanning solution featuring an MCA II 7-axis articulated arm

Equipped with the ModelMaker MMDx, the MCA II 7-axis is a reliable and accurate handheld scanning combination that handles every inspection task. The MMDx scans any material and provides a detailed digital representation of the test object in minimum time. It is ideally suited for part-to-CAD comparison, inspection of soft or fragile components as well as reverse engineering applications.

Categories Articulated Arms
Applications Automotive Design and Styling, Pilot Plant Metrology, Household appliances and white goods